Telepresence robots (TR) are mobile remote-controlled devices that represent the remote user via video and audio. In the Erasmus+ project “TRinE – Telepresence Robots in Education” we deal with the question of how the educational sector can benefit from this technology, what challenges we face, and what projects and research already exist in this area. 
On our project platform ( we introduce TR as a technology, report on our research and publish ideas for the use of telepresence robots (TR) in education. 
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  1. Browse through the TRinE platform ( Try to find information about Telepresence Robots that are relevant for you and learn how to use the technology in the educational sector.
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All data is collected anonymously, the results will be aggregated and analysed by the University for Continuing Education Krems. 

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Question Title

* 1. What was your experience with Telepresence Robots (TR) before learning about it on the TRinE Platform?